About Us

Thought it was about time for an update……………..

Been in the shop for 8 years now, we started out with half of it, which was one shop, until about four months after we opened and realised that there was no way it was going to be big enough…….so when the shop next door closed up, we got the landlord to knock a hole in the wall and we doubled in size…………….good job too, you should see the paper we have in there now…………..and then we decided to go the other way too!! we are now three shops side by side, stocked the hilt with stuff.

I gave up attending shows when I opened the shop, I know that upset a few people but I felt I had to give the shop my total attention in order to make it the shopping experience I wanted it to be. I hope they forgive me, well I know they do, we now get visitors from all over the country and even from Europe……………furthest so far is New Zealand (yes I know that’s not Europe)……………but I think they were on holiday, not just visiting us!

Our Attic Club is still going strong, we have over 25 regular attendees each month and we had to move premises to accommodate us all. We still have room for more so once again, if you are interested and local then just email me for more information.

We still have the cats, now ten years old, but managed to reduce the number of children living at home by three. I am now a ‘Mother-in-Law’ and and became a Nanny to Rowan in June 2012 and Sam in October 2012.


My name is Wendy and I began rubber stamping as a hobby back in 1995. I made and sold cards to my workmates of the time but when I had to leave my job because of the unsociable hours for my children, many asked me to keep on making them the cards. Some of the more arty ones wanted to know how I was doing it and so I began to teach others. Out of work and travelling miles for my supplies I began to dream of owning my own business selling rubber stamps – why not? said my husband and family, why not? said my fellow stampers and card customers, why not? I said to myself – and so I did.

I started small and at the time we had just had the roof of our home converted into two new rooms giving us more space for our large and growing family (I have four sons). I managed to persuade my long suffering husband to let me have one of them for my ‘sales’ and he agreed.

So, there I was one day, sitting in the new ‘sales’ room with a friend, pondering over what to call my new business, when she said to me, ‘where are we sitting?’ – ‘in the attic’ I replied – ‘and what do you sell?’ she asked – ‘stamps’ I replied – we looked at each other and that was it – The Stamp Attic was born.

That was in March of 1998. Today I am no longer in the room in the attic, I grew and grew and we  now have the shop, and it is from there that the business operates now.

I started a local rubber stamping club and we celebrate our 6th Christmas this year (2005). We meet once a month and share ideas, artwork, techniques and a cuppa! If you are local and reading this then just come along and join in, we meet the 3rd Thursday of each month.

In March 2002 I attended my first stamp show as an exhibitor and I loved it. The atmosphere of a show is exhilarating and it was a good chance to meet customers both new and old, face to face.

I now attend most of the big shows up and down the country (Dates for your Diary for details).

I spent about a year writing for Craft Stamper magazine, the shop visit pages, maybe you read them but again the pressures of the business meant very little time and something had to go, unfortunately it was that.

What else can I tell you? I am married with four sons, a very understanding husband and  two cats. I adore rubber stamping but don’t get enough time for my own work these  days. I have just got interested in journaling and book binding, love reading all the Somerset Studio collection of publications, enjoy camping out with the boys and love the mountains of North Wales with a passion.

If you got the end of that little lot, thanks for spending the time reading it. Enjoy the website and I hope you come back again and again as now its here I intend to make it into the cyber shop of your stamping dreams especially as we now have the Online Shopping working at last.